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Ok first things first…


*BREATHES* alright I’m done lol


Okay so me, and my two friends, Forrest and Liyan, went from San Diego to Irvine on Friday in the afternoon. We arrived at the Hotel at around 11:30pm or so. After getting settled in, we were too excited to sleep and were crazy from all the Mountain Dew and Pizza. So instead of sleeping, me and Forrest helped Liyan finish the scarfs that she made for Exo. Yes Exo. Not just Exo-M but all of Exo. So in total there were 12 scarfs, which she did in 2 weeks.

We knotted them and put a button on each to represent each member. Like for Baekhyun’s scarf (the baby blue one in the bottom) we put a little pig button on it lol yay bacon >w< The colors actually have a meaning and are related to each other but that’s our little secret (¬‿¬) lol anyways we worked on them for a while and then took a break to try on our cosplays. Mine was the red panda pajama key wore in hello baby, Forrest was Minho’s frog one and Liyan dressed up as Miss A’s Jia. ^w^ Liyan’s pink wig kept falling off so we went out to find bobby pins at like 1:00am lol.

BUT THEN As we were exiting the hotel, a middle aged Asian guy in a suit came in holding like 20 plastic store bags of stuff. At first we didn’t think twice about it and continued our search for the bobby pins. After finding none at 7-eleven (the only store open) we started heading back. We were talking about how it was weird that the guy was suited and had entered the hotel carrying 20 bags at 1 in the morning. Then it hit us.

A k-pop group might actually be staying at our hotel and that was the manager or something bringing them their fan gifts. We looked at each other for a moment and then just ran, screaming and laughing all the way back to the hotel lol. We composed ourselves before entering and asked the guy at the counter if he’d seen a group of Asian guys pass here. He said yes and we then asked if they were from Korea, He said yes again but then he suddenly seem guarded and looked like he regretted saying it. We gave our thanks and quickly left for our room before he said anything else. We decided to bring the unfinished scarfs to the lounge and stay there to see if anybody comes by. But after some time nobody came, so we gave up and went back to our room :/

We ended up finishing the scarfs at 7am and our taxi was coming at 8am to take us to Kcon so in the end we didn’t sleep at all OTL but the excitement made us wide awake lol. We got ready and then headed over there. There was a small line at the entrance already there when we arrived. We got in line and our other friends showed up and we happily talked while waiting to be let in. We also made really awesome line buddies that ended up sticking to us. A bunch of cameras were filming us, getting us all hyped ^w^ at 10 it finally opened and we entered all excitedly.

KCON SUCKED. lol As much as I hate to admit it, it really did suck. Now I’m not saying the booths and panels sucked. Or any of the events that occurred. What sucked was the way things happened. It was very unorganized. I get that it was the first Kcon ever, but it was just too messy and chaotic. The one on one time with the K-pop groups actually kept me from completely hating it. I am really really grateful and happy I got to be so close to them but Kcon on the other hand was not that great.

Everything was fine in the beginning. Forrest had gone off his own way. Which left me with Liyan, our friends and the group from the line (7 in total including me) We got the merch we ordered, walked around, won some stuff and were having a good time. But then, the fan signing started.

Nu’est was first. We heard screams so we headed over and sure enough nu’est was entering the fan signing tent. People gathered and squished together inside the half open tent to get a better view. They had opened the line for the signing but it was so crowded that we couldn’t find where it started or ended. There was no sign or even a slight indication where you were supposed to line up. We lost Liyan in the crowd. And before we can figure out what was going on, the sighing was over and their Q&A began. After that, it was over and Nu’est exited the tent. Simple and clean. The staff was telling us to leave the area and go enjoy the booths while they prepared the next signing. Of course a lot lingered by the tent, not really leaving. So the same thing happened with VIXX shortly after. Like 30 minutes later.


BUT when BAP’s turn came, it got crazy. An hour had passed since the VIXX signing. And Before it started they told us to wait for an announcement at the stage area in the middle of the convention. We went but we waited an hour or so watching people audition and perform before they announced the information. Which put them behind schedule by a lot. They told us that they were going to change things up since the Nu’est and VIXX signing was a little messy.

Now this is where things went down hill for everyone. You know how the Kcon website told us that if we just got there first, we get signatures. That when the scheduled time comes, they would just cut the line. Well that was a good way to give everyone a chance. That’s why a lot of people bought the Kcon t-shirt, just for the signing. So when they said they were going to change things I thought they were just going to make the line more obvious and secured. But no. They said that instead of lining up, you needed a ticket. To get a ticket you have to get it from selected staff wearing pink shirts who were scattered across the convention.

Now, we were kinda like “what?!” at first but we were really disappointed about not getting a chance to get sigs so far. So we gathered in a circle and put our warrior faces on and yelled “We are B.A.P yes sir!!” and set off for the scavenger hunt to find the tickets. We ran everywhere. The convention was huge and the sun above us was burning hot. I had to take off my cosplay cuz it was so hot. Not even 15 min had passed and we heard screaming coming from the signing tent. We ran, sweating bullets, to find that the signing had already started. We were like wtf. We couldn’t see BAP at all and we tried to squeeze through the crowd. It was so packed and tight the we could feel each others sweat.

That’s when my BAP poster was stolen. The only merch I had besides the Kcon shirt. I put it in my Kcon bag which stuck out since it was a little big. I noticed it was gone after we gave up on trying to take pictures of them. It made me really angry. Trying to put aside the thought of wasted money, I quickly went to go get a new one, only to find that they were sold out. That’s when I had it. I felt really horrible and violated that someone would do that especially a fellow kpopper and with all the chaotic disappointing signings during the day, I was done. I was really down, depressed and felt tears prickling my eyes.

After the BAP Q&A was over, they went over to the photo session which was behind the tent. I got good pics of them and was sooo close to them adysdsfsdwf >w< It made me forget about the poster for awhile. (Btw they looked so fricken unfff in person omgg lol.)

Anywaysss it was soon over. I gave up on trying to find tickets for the Exo signing. Who were the main reason I came to Kcon. I separated from the group and went to go find Forrest. I found him sitting in the grass and I just collapsed in exhaustion. It was past mid day by now. I hadn’t seen Liyan ever since we lost her at the Nu’est signing.

Forrest had a huge bag of Merch. A lot of merch. When he found out what happened to me he took out his BAP poster and gave it to me. I rejected his offer, not wanting him to give up his poster just for me. But he insisted that he wasn’t that into BAP. Before I could reject him again, he pulled out 2 TVXQ posters (back when they were together as 5)and gave them to me. Now If you don’t know, TVXQ are like my ultimate K-pop group (if my Jaejoong obsession wasn’t obvious enough) So I kinda hesitated. He said he got them for free from a friend and was planning on giving them to me anyway.

I then realized that I shouldn’t just let this day get ruined by a few stupid things. So I wiped my tears and thanked Forrest so much for his kindness. Our group that had left to find Exo tickets came to us with no luck. We gave up on the signing. We were so focused on trying to get tickets that we wasted our day and did not go to any Panels. We only had a glimpse of the Youtube one which we saw Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi.

So instead of moping, we decided to all just go see Exo. We heard very loud screaming by the Signing tent singling Exo’s arrival. It was after G.na’s signing so it was like almost 4pm. We arrived to find the place packed. Way more than the the other groups had gathered. So instead of trying to go through bodies and kill ourselves we just waited behind the tent where the photo session area was. Less people were gathered there. After hearing Kris’s trolling and the other members cute attempts at proper English during the Q&A, it was time for them to come out for the photos.

And here is goes… O M G. ASDFWEFSCWERVE GUISEEEE THEY WERE RIGHHT THERE BEFORE MY VERY EYES!!!! THEY WERE SO CLOSE TO ME AND OMG THEY WERE SOOOO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. I couldn’t control myself and fangirled sooo hard. They looked so unreal, seriously. Photos do not do them justice. And they were fooling around. A LOT. They looked so comfortable to be there. Like I felt they were being themselves. Since they were the ones receiving all the attention. It felt good to see them so happy especially Kris…..KRIS, O M G LORD HAVE MERCY THAT MAN IS THE FINEST CREATURE I EVER FUCKING SAW. THAT TROLL WAS BEING SO COCKY AND FUCKING MAKING US DIE SOOO MANY TIMES UGHHHH I JUST WANTED TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!! HNNGG AND HIS HAIRRRR JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL WHO IS HIS STYLIST?! I WANT TO GIVE HER A HUG AND TAKE HER OUT TO EAT BECAUSE SERIOUSLY SEXIEST HAIR EVERRR lol and he was talking English all over the place and being just asduwefhwief

Its a little blurry but it was the only one that had all of them in it :/

So after all the fan signings, it got really mellow and relaxing. We found Liyan eventually and found out she too was running around finding tickets with no luck. But she did deliver the scarfs safely :D which means there’s a chance they’ll wear them kyaaa x3 lol The sun was almost at horizon, and it had turned cool. We all were just chillin and being dorky with each other lol. Soon it was time for the concert. And you guys probably saw the live streaming so I’ll summarize. Everybody stood up for almost all the performances except for the opening acts. The beautiful fanchants were beautiful during BAP’s No mercy. Everyone was just so explosive and responsive, it really energized all the artists. And Everyone was dying of cuteness when the kpop groups tried to speak English lol

But the thing I want to point out was that when it was Exo’s turn, I swear I seriously almost lost my hearing. When they came out EVERYONE jumped out of their seats and just lost it. Including me lol. The people that were in the orchestra seats ran down to where the pit was. Security was not that great hahaha. It felt like Exo was the main act. Which is why it made me believe that it was the reason they were so comfortable. They felt more then welcomed and were really surprised at our reaction hahahaha. As well as all the other K-pop artists.


LOL Soo that was my Kcon experience and what not. Sorry for the lengthy post but wanted to get the details in for those of my followers that asked me to *waves* ok I’ll be posting more sexy photos soon and also videos *cough* Kris’s aegyo *cough* but thanks for reading if any actually read it OTL sooo yeah.

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